G2R is a full-cycle provider of export services that helps to boost your business opportunities on Chinese and Russian markets. We strive to connect you with the most competent and reliable suppliers. Our team of export veterans and customer service professionals has more than 10 years working experience in the field. We take upon any project, regardless of its complexity. We save you time, money and hassle with research, sourcing, customs, shipping, logistics, delivery and any other significant process phases. G2R converts your global challenges to opportunities!

Market analysis

You will get the unique information about demand for your products.

Buyers and suppliers search

You will be able to make a deal with the buyers. You will get the opportunity to choose the right suppliers who will match your requirements.

Quality Control on the spot

We will provide you with the following services: Inspection of the supplier, Verification of the production process, Laboratory tests.

Presentation development. Branding

We are creating a business proposal in Chinese/Russian language.

Products Marketing & Promotion on the Chinese market

Our marketing experts will make your product demandable on the Chinese market.

Producing in China

China trademark and intellectual property registration.

Door to door services

Optimization of transport and customs expenses. Delivery to any city of your country.

Full support of delivery process

Get the full set of documents and a legal support to secure and facilitate your shipping.

Working experience in the field since 2006
Own shipping company and customs brokers
Robust representation of your interests on local markets
Team of Sales professionals
Operational offices in Russia and China
Large database of trusted suppliers in Russia and China









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