Russian Honey

Appetizing, RAW, UNFILTERED, PURE Honey

from the best places of Russia

What we offer

We offer wholesale raw honey from Russia. Every drop of our honey is pure, unfiltered, local and simply golden.
We offer Amazing taste and Beautiful package.
The minimal order quantity is 1 ton.

High Quality Honey

High Quality Honey

We have all the documents that guarantee the quality of the product.



We delicately process and produce all-natural, pure honey straight from the hive. Excellent in taste and rich in vitamins and minerals, our honey is naturally wholesome and delicious.

Pure Honey

Pure Honey

Our honey is gently filtered to preserve the great, savory taste. Unique from other brands on the market, our honey is never blended or mixed with off-shore honey. We offer PURE honey with a great variety of types & tastes.

Pure honey

Our bees make our honey from pure and healthy plants, grown where quality and flavor are supreme.

Different types and tastes

Our honey is made by nature and bees. Every single plant has its own unique properties, smell and taste. Choose the best for you.

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    Floral Honey

    Generally, floral honey has a nice astringent flavor that is similar to its smell. Floral honey is very helpful for children and old people health as well as convalescent patients.

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    Mountain Honey

    Mountain honey has a pronounced flavor with a fruit aroma. Taste and smell can be different depending on the type of plant. Mountain honey is rich in honey sugar content, enzymes, vitamins, micro and macronutrients.

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    Creamed Honey With Berries

    Creamed honey is made of white honey with berries and other natural flavor additives. This type of honey has a bright flavor that can be different according to the harvest time. Berries and honey make this creamed product a very healthy dessert.

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    Linden Honey

    Linden honey has a peculiar odor of linden blossom freshness. This type of honey is the best for health and you never get bored with it. Linden honey is used as medicine to prevent first symptoms of flu, improve heart performance and as general tonic.

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    Sweet Clover Honey

    Sweet clover honey contains up to 40% of honey sugar and has a magnificent bittersweet taste with vanilla accent. Sweet clover honey is very useful in cardiac disorders.

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    Buckwheat Honey

    Buckwheat honey has a strong taste and an attractive odour that makes it unique as compared to other types of honey. This type of honey is a good antiseptic agent that helps to prevent different skin diseases.

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    Sainfoin Honey

    Sainfoin Honey has a heavenly scent that reminds rose fragrance. This is the best quality nectar that is good for blood capillary, bowel and can be used for sugar alternative.

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    Honey With Nuts

    Honey with nuts includes all the useful properties of honey and nuts. Any type of honey and nut can be used here. Honey with nuts brings pleasure and health to your life.

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    Sunflower Honey

    Sunflower honey has a pleasing and astringent flavor. Some people smell fruity aroma. Sunflower honey is probably one of the most known type of honey that is rich in carotene and vitamin A.

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    White Honey

    White honey can be different kinds from different plants and has many health properties. This honey product reminds sweet butter with spicy tone.

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Different package & volume

A large variety of Glass jars & Plastic containers.
The minimal order quantity is 1 ton.

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Our Clients

  • This is a great tasting raw honey with a mountain of healing benefits. It's a bit pricey but we'll worth the money.

    Mujtaba, Saudi Arabia. June 14, 2017.
  • This honey. Where to begin? It is AMAZING. I have given this to my friends with the bacteria H. Pylori, acid reflux, and stomach discomfort. Each and every one of them loves it and swears by it. Is it expensive ? Well, yes. Does it work? A resounding YES. Is it worth it? 100% YES! This product is so good, and the taste is so delicious, it is simply worth every single penny. It has a color of liquid gold, smells somewhat minty, and is extremely viscous. This honey is only found in the top hills of Russia I promise you, you will not regret trying this out. Thanks !!!

    Lisa, China. July 15, 2017.
  • LOVE Russian honey!! We ordered a full 20ft container and this came in a month as ordered. Here in Kuwait we use it when we are hit with the flu and it went to work immediately. Remember to use a plastic spoon when using any raw honey products as the metal can inhibit the enzymes. Will keep this in stock.

    Essa, Kuwait. May 22, 2017.
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