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The governance in G2R companies is founded on the justice, frankness, liability, openness, qualification and professional knowledge. The governance foundation is the real respect of the rights and safeguarding of the company auctioneers’ interests and support their successful business, including the augmentation of its effectiveness, increasing of the market price, keeping the financial stability, profitability and increasing of the investment attractiveness.

The Trading platform helps customers to buy wholesale goods with a low price on the domestic market in China. According to your order we will buy and check your goods, after that we will deliver them on a turnkey basis.

The company G2R Export offers the full complex of the services for export connected with the products promotion to foreign markets, business missions organizations, searching for customers abroad.

The company G2R Engineering specializes in the equipment, raw materials and consumables delivery all over the world.

The company G2R Logistics is specialized in all types of Export Import logistics services

Print Ural - the company that deals with advertising products of any complexity.

Exporters Club goal is to unite the export companies for the experience exchange and boosting approach the international markets.

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