A few words about the usage.

Buckwheat hulls are considered desirable pillow stuffing material because there is less risk of exposure to allergens than pillows that contain down (feathers) or synthetic fibers. Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls also conduct and reflect less heat than those filled with synthetic materials. Used alone or combined with rice or dried herbs, buckwheat hulls are ideal for making eye and neck pillows to help ease fatigue and tense muscles.

  • We have our own equipment to clean buckwheat hulls. Whole rate/box is not less than 80%. Dust free!
  • We have a “Certificate of Origin” and a “Phytosanitary” certificate per each shipment.
  • Now we have buyers from Korea and China. They are pillows manufacturers and they are more than satisfied with the quality of our buckwheat hulls.

Origin: Russia
Quality indicators: According to GOST, Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of Origin.
Documents: Full set of the international standard.
Terms of payment: T/T
The price: (FOB) USD390$ per ton.
Period of delivery was 47 days
Moisture: < 8 %
Whole rate: > 80%
Colour: dark-brown
Admixture: <1%
Packaging Details:  Packaging bags 20 KG
Delivery terms: FOB
Tons per container load We loaded 10 tons per 1-40FCL, (500 polypropylene bags) each of them weights 20kg.