Delivery of 3 tons of confectionary (biscuits, candies) from Novorossiysk to Beijing.


Based on customer’s request we found a buyer on confectionary in Beijing. We made an export transaction after accepting all the conditions by both sides then we delivered the products to Beijing. The delivery was done by sea within 30 days and supplied straight to buyer’s warehouse in Beijing.

Nowadays the tendency of Russian confectionary demand in China has increased.  During the first 2 months in 2016 China held the top export position in confectionary. At this point Chinese market is open for our manufacturers and Russian products denomination improves every day.

During the deal our company performed the following services:

1. Market Analysis in Beijing to confectionary demand
2. Buyer search
3. Hold negotiations with China (Chinese speaking manager is provided)
4. Making an export transaction and all documents preparation
5. Customs clearance
6. Product delivery management to the buyer
7. Cargo monitoring
8. Photo report of the product delivery from the beginning to the end