Object: Delivery of Copper to China

Solution: It is a well-known fact that China consumes 40% of world resources of copper so that export of copper to PRC is better decision.

G2R Company is pleased to help you with both export and buyers search in China.

What services do we offer?

We offer a variety of services such as:

1. All documents preparation (Importation of non-ferrous metals into China requires different certificates, acceptances, bills and the other things. G2R Company helps to fill in all the documents in order to let our clients sell easily and not to worry about the miles of red tape and save time. Our Company has an experience in proper documents preparation without delays)

2. Delivery (finding optimal method of transportation: organization of delivery in containers, air express delivery and etc. We find the best way for you)

3. Buyers search (At this time it’s easy to export copper to China. According to analysts demand on copper has increased dramatically in 2013. Non-ferrous metals rank second in all the goods that are exported to China)

In 2013 Russia exported 2,45 thousands of tons of copper to PRC. At the same time China has many reserves of copper in the country’s territory. But regardless of season and demand level G2R company manages to find customers for you.

4. G2R Company works on a global basis. Our Company works with enterprises throughout Russia which is to say that we are pleased to organize copper transportation to China from any Russian region.

5. G2R Company does international trade transactions. We are pleased to help you with any international transaction. We buy in lots then sell your products on our own behalf in China.

Therefore G2R Company is responsible for all the problems concerning delivery, documents preparation and buyers search.

Do you need a reliable dealer to export your goods to China? Rely on G2R Company, relax and get a profit.