Object: Juice delivery to China.


G2R Company found a Chinese customer who was going to import Russian juice. Before that our Company analyzed the market concerning juice demand i China.

This time we supplied a pilot batch (1 pallet is 720 boxes) from Novorossiysk port to Tianjin port, then to Beijing.

Nowadays there is a great demand on natural products in China, such as juice, yogurt, formula product, milk, ice-cream and so forth. Chinese give preference to birch syrup since there is no that sort of juice in China. In addition Chinese customers also like apple, mixed and orange juice in tetrahedral package preferably.

You are a manufacturer of juice and would like to export your product.

G2R Company is responsible for buyers search, transportation and spending optimization.  Let’s make business together!

During the deal our company performed the following services:

1. Market Analysis in China to juice demand
2. Buyers search
3. Freight costs calculation
4. Negotiating with China (agreeing terms and conditions of delivery)
5. Making an export transaction and all documents preparation
6. Customs clearance
7. Shipment
8. Cargo monitoring
9. Product delivery management to the buyer