Object: Pine nut supply to China with all the export documents.

Solution: G2R Company found a customer for pine nuts in China and prepared all the documents for transportation (Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage permission, MIT license, formation of wood lot lease contract, Phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin).

It is said that pine nut is one of the most popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine. For example, Chinese prefer to cook warm salad that is made of corn and pine nuts. At the same time pine nuts are used for cedar wood oil manufacture mostly.

It is a well known fact that cedar wood oil is a perfect natural antioxidant that is very good for body state, physical and intellectual work. There is a great variety of cedar wood oil usage such as gourmet item, folk medicine and etc. Ground pine nutshell is used in plant food or as an additive in pet food.

The first stage of cedar wood oil manufacturing is chill pressing then pine nut mill cake is added to everyday European cakes and sugarless Chinese sweets. Pine nut mill cake is reach in nutrients and microelements.

Why do Chinese prefer Russian pine nuts?

Pine nut is a generic name of different pine seeds.  Siberian pine nut is the best-selling product in Russia.  Asian use Korean pine seeds which are bigger than pine nuts. On the other hand pine nuts have better taste and nutritional profile.

Chinese also cultivate pine nuts but in small quantity that is not enough to satisfy the demand on them and therefore PRC import hundreds of tons of pine nuts from Russia.

In addition, there is strict food quality assurance in China. Chinese are pernickety about food. There are 2 classes of pine nuts. Production of A Class is distributed in the domestic market and B class production is exported around the world.

Minimum Orderable Quantity for export is 100 tons. Since 2010 Russian exporter needs to get a license for pine nuts exporting.

G2R Company is in charge of all the documents preparation.

We guarantee:

  • Security (According to your request we are pleased to drawn up a completion statement. The report includes photo and video shooting from the beginning to the end of the delivery)
  • Responsibility (G2R is a proficient Company that has never had an experience of loss of cargo or improperly executed documents)
  • Integrity (All the documents are prepared according to Chinese and Russian Legislation)

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