Object: Delivery organization of fuel pellets from Moscow to Dalian.


We helped our Moscow supplier to enter a Chinese market. Our company searched out a Chinese customer and delivered 17100 tons of fuel pellets from Moscow to Dalian port. The cargo was supplied by combined shipping method: from Moscow to Novorossiysk by cargo delivery (pre-carriage), then by sea freight.

It should be noted here that there is a great demand for wood fuel pellets in China, mostly in Dalian. It’s defined by government prohibition of coal heating boiler using so that to improve quality of the atmosphere. Therefore people have started to use eco-friendly materials as wood fuel pellets since they are made of wood.

During the deal our company performed the following services:

1. Buyers search in China
2. Negotiating with China
3. All documents preparation for fuel pellet export
4. Help in making a buying and selling deal
5. Supply logistics (calculation and optimization of freight services costs, selection of an optimal transportation way)
6. Customs clearance
7. Cargo monitoring (loading/uploading)
8. Photo report of the product delivery from the beginning to the end