Chaga coffee from Russia

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Chaga coffee – Healthy and natural product.

Nowadays coffee has become very popular in grocery stores. And beverages with chaga are especially in great demand.

Chaga is a real superfood that is mineral and vitamin rich. It is hand-picked in pristine areas of Russia. Chaga infusion can be used as a health-promoting and restorative drink.

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In folk medicine it also has long been used to cure such diseases as:

  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • insomnia, neurosis, depression;
  • metabolic diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases: psoriasis, tetter, acne vulgaris and other diseases.

Moreover chaga can be used for weight loss and detox as it facilitates metabolism, removes toxins from the body including radionuclides and heavy metals.

Having rich colour and bracing effect, chaga coffee does not contain caffeine thus it doesn’t build up a tolerance and is healthy substitution to regular tea and coffee.

Chaga is hypoallergic and doesn’t have contra indications.

Packing Details

Handmade box made of wood with a gift set of 6 tastes of Chaga
EXW $25 / wooden box

Hand craft pack 100g (different types)
$2,5 / pack

Carton box 100g – 10 packs
$3,5 / carton

Why buy chaga coffee from us?

  • Reliable harvesters.
  • All the documents and certificates can be provided.
  • Ready chaga coffee in bags so your clients receive our product in the most convenient form.
  • Our design is so bright, stylish and attractive that it will surely attract the attention of your guests.

Your guests will want to try a new beverage and broaden their taste perspective without any doubt!

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