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Who we are

G2R is a full-cycle provider of Import-Export services that help to boost your business opportunities on Chinese market. Our team has more than 10 years working experience in the field.

What we offer

We offer the suppliers and manufacturers search in China. We look for reliable partners who take into account your wishes. This service is free of charge.

How we do this

To find a supplier/manufacturer we use our own suppliers data. We work directly with the producing factories, you will get the lowest supply cost.

Suppliers search

China is the biggest manufacturer in the world, producing almost everything. G2R Company ltd. looks for the best suppliers and manufacturers in China and helps you to get the right and reliable partners taking into account your wishes.

The starting point of import services is to find a suitable factory. We work almost exclusively with manufacturers and not with export companies, not only for a better pricing but also can maintain direct access to the production and engineering people of the factories.

It is not difficult to find suppliers on websites, but the difficulty is to determine who is good and who is not good. Many suppliers listed are actually export companies and in the case of China, some are situated quite far from the manufacturing areas which will make supervision and resolution of problems very difficult. We know the manufacturing specialties of production areas and will look for factories in these areas where there is higher level of expertise and more factories to choose from.

In many cases, we work directly with the producing factories. This will keep supply cost as low as possible.

In the search for a factory, it is sometimes difficult to find a factory that is already making the product that we intend to purchase, as some products are specialized items. Then, it will be necessary to find factories that has machinery that is capable of making the required items and then try to develop the production with them.

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Your benefits:
– Good choice of partners among one-field companies
– Whole information about manufacturer (company profile, contact information)