Our specific is to create advertising materials for business of legal and private persons

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Advertising company Print Ural works on the service and goods market more than 9 years. We can offer you a wide range of the advertising products and a full-service since a model creation to the mounting. Nowadays we have offices in Ekaterinburg and Magnitogorsk and we do not want to stop on the achieved level.

We create highly qualified products using modern equipment and it allows us to supply our clients with the products of a high quality in short terms.


Our products and service

PrintUral works in the following directions:

Лазерная резка
Laser beam cutting
Ультрафиолетовая печать
Ultraviolet printing
Фрезерная резка
Лазерная гравировка
Laser engraving
Интерьерная печать
Interior paintings
Изготовление и монтаж вывесок
Creation and mounting of the signboards

Some facts about us

We tend to support our clients with the highly qualified service. We are grateful to our clients for their trust and positive comments about our collaboration.

Our solutions

Пленочная продукция

Begin the collaboration with us now, to fill the result right tomorrow. That’s because of the fact that the level of your task complexity is no matter for us. And way more important, is how effective and qualified will be our solutions for the further successful promotion of your product to the market!

Using our own equipment we will execute your tasks quick.

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PrintUral Staff
Руслан Гиниятов
Ruslan Giniyatov


Олеся Гиниятова
Olesya Giniyatova

Office employee

Лев Эльстон-Бирон
Lev Elston-Biron

Office employee

Роман Самойлов
Roman Samoilov

Office employee

Артем Зеленков
Artyom Zelenkov


Юлия Слепова
Yulia Slepova


Александр Кисарин
Alexandr Kisarin


Виталий Солонин
Vitalii Solonin


Игорь Леонов
Igor Leonov


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